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Everyone is familiar with the idea of procrastination (not starting tasks when you should, instead putting them off until the last minute) and knows people who are very guilty of this particular personality flaw.

But a new personality type has been identified by psychologists – the precrastinator. Precrastinators start to do things long before they have to, even if it means more work and time in total. They formulate endless „to do“ lists, create excel tables, and get everything organized, cleared and ready long before the task itself (which is often less work than all of this preparation) has to be completed. Does this sound familiar? Do you know any classic precrastinators? See more in the Guardian article below.

Will Your Job Be Done By A Machine? (plus – Podcast Recommendation 10)

The team at Planet Money have been researching a question recently – Will your job be around in the future, or will you be replaced by a machine? You can click on the link below to go to a tool that will tell you the chance that your job will be automated in the future.


And to go with this topic is a new podcast:
Planet Money – Episode 622: Humans vs. Robots
The robots are coming. Find out who is next to be replaced. This podcast is best for students with a B1+ level or higher, although if you have a lower level, you can use the transcript to help you.


The most difficult words to pronounce in English

There are many candidates. From the small furry „squirrel“ (which has an added bonus  – its German translation „Eichhörnchen“ is almost impossible for English speakers to pronounce!) to the already-discussed Worcestershire Sauce, English is full of hard-to-say words. The list below includes some of the trickiest, as well as a couple of tongue twisters to keep you on your toes, such as „The sixth sick sheik’s sixth sheep’s sick.“