Book Recommendation 1 – How To Be German In 50 Easy Steps

Today the LINGUA FRANCA Sprachschule blog has a book recommendation for you. This book is in fact two books in one, the English version from one side, and then flip it over to find the German translation from the other – making it perfect for either English or German learners. Adam Fletcher spent some time living in Germany. Based on his experiences , he wrote a book entitled „How to Be German in 50 Easy Steps“ – a very funny but also informative book that covers every topic your typical Ausländer needs to know to survive in Germany – from house shoes and Tatort to Apfelschorle and insurance policies – it’s all there. But the book is also interesting for Einheimische – it’s always fun to read about your own culture from an outsider’s perspective.

The book is based a very popular series of blog posts, so to get an idea of what you will find in the book, have a look at:

You can find link to buy the book at: