Corporate speak

Have you actioned any blue sky thinking recently? Are you leveraging your core competencies and synergising for optimal output? If so, you have probably fallen victim to corporate speak (A.K.A. management speak, marketing speak). Characterised by long and unnecessary variations of common English phrases, corporate speak tries to hide the real meaning of what is being said, make the speaker sound more important and disguise negatives to make them look more attractive.

One of the truly terrible things about corporate speak is the way it is sneaking into other languages. Phrases like „Ich weiss nicht, ob ich das rechtzeitig gegreenlighted kriege“ or „Wir müssen die Relationship mit dem Stakeholder verbessern“ are not uncommon in German offices (both examples come from the SPIEGEL’s Bullshit-O-Mat)

If you need a little help formulating your own corporate speak, try The Corporate B.S. Generator.

And to end, a lesson from a master of corporate speak, David Brent from the TV show The Office (the „inspiration“ for Stromberg)