Podcast Recommendation 8 – Planet Money: Spreadsheets!

Today the LINGUA FRANCA Sprachschule blog is presenting another fascinating podcast from the people at Planet Money. If you are right now sitting in an office at a computer, you may well be actively ignoring today’s subject – spreadsheets!

Planet Money – Episode 606: Spreadsheets!
An interesting and entertaining look at the history of a tool many of us use for hours every day. This podcast is best for students with a B1+ level or higher, although if you have a lower level, you can use the transcript to help you.

VisiCalc screenshotIn the late ’70s, a bored student invented the electronic spreadsheet. It transformed industries. But its effects ran deeper than that. As one journalist wrote more than 30 years ago, „The spreadsheet is a tool, and it is also a world view — reality by the numbers.“

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